Special Sale

This illustration represents me receiving the news

Due to a lightning storm last month, my desktop computer ran into some problems. Several weeks after bringing it to a repair-shop today the unfortunate news came that it has turned out to be a lost cause, making any further attempts of repair economically unviable and further more was declared a total-loss. Without a desktop computer this website is very hard to maintain and add to for me.

In order to facilitate the purchase of a new desktop computer, for the foreseeable future the following discounts shall be given.

purchases of 2 items will be given a 10% discount over the total amount
purchases of 3 or more items will be given a 15% over the total amount

Applicable are any combination of items as long as they are presented on separate pages. Sets consisting of multiple items that are presented on 1 page count as 1 item, the discount described above is given over the total amount excluding shipping costs

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