My name is Axel and I reside in the southern half of the Netherlands. Thirty years old at the time of writing and living with my girlfriend, stepson and since October 5th 2019, my first child, a beautiful baby boy named Isaac.

I started collecting Japanese tea bowls or chawan little over 10 years ago, that interest then grew to any and all Chanoyu related articles (vases, platters, kogo etc). It was only when I realized owning and collecting objects from Japan was actually possible and to acquire items with relative ease; did I really start the lifelong study of Japan and all it entails. Since those days my collection grew exponentially and since little over a year have been working on this website in a (perhaps folly), attempt to scale down.

In the course of 2019, I found out I was going to be a father. After this revelation my priorities (and storage space & funds for tea ware), have undergone a major shift. I am finding out my Chanoyu collection and related objects have to take a step back and this is why I started this site. Any funds from relocation of tea ware and related objects will be invested into the family.

Thank you for visiting Quality Chanoyu!


Me and my stepson at New Year’s Eve – 2020