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Everything presented is or used to be part of my personal collection of utensils on the subject of Chanoyu or the Japanese Tea Ceremony


Pottery comes in many forms, whether it is a unique wood-fired Bizen cup for your morning coffee or a light and thin porcelain cup for your afternoon tea. While originally collecting only chawan or Japanese ceremonial tea bowls, my interest grew exponentially. Tea pots, sake cups or the perfect vase for your living room, you will find a diverse selection for your consideration.


During a gathering the host brings together various utensils to evoke the season and theme of the Tea ceremony. There are a vast number of styles, methods of creation, firing of pottery and different types used during a ceremony. All with their own purpose. Pottery for the ceremony is made to the best of a craftsman’s abilities and these bowls have, through the ages reached a class of their own. There are even tea bowls that have been designated National Treasures of Japan!


The more you get to know about a subject the deeper your appreciation often becomes. There is great skill, a multitude of techniques and centuries of history behind these objects. Nearly all provinces in Japan have one or multiple styles of pottery associated to its locale. I hope my posts are interesting, informative and that my passion for the subject shines through.

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Though many people drink tea,

if you do not know the Way of Tea,

tea will drink you up.

Sen no Rikyu; possibly the most famous Tea-master in history

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Living in the Netherlands, I am a collector offering tea utensils and related objects from my collection in an attempt to scale down – initiated by the birth of my son.


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