Shunsui (Eizo) Mukunoki Porcelain Mingei Hanaire

Potter: Shunsui Mukunoki

Approximate size: W4.7″ by H9.9″ or 14.5 by 25.5 cm

This flower vase was made by Shunsui Mukunoki (1942-), this is the name Eizo Mukunoki chose late in life. He studied with the great Kanjiro Kawai and his family and students (Takéichi, Takekazu and Hirotsugu to name a few), until went went independent in 1968. In 1974 he build a climbing kiln kiln in Toyooka City, located in Hyogo prefecture. This ovoid shaped porcelain vase is from his later years. Distinctly elegant and minimalistic with colorful flower motifs on either side in the familiar colors of his teacher.

In 1942 Eizo Mukunoki was born in the city of Masuda, which lies on Honshu island. He graduated from the prefectural ceramics research facility before he apprenticed himself to Kawai Kanjiro in 1958, with whom he stayed until until the master’s death in 1966.

This potter is perhaps better known under the name Eizo Mukunoki, though he changed his name to Shunsui in 1996 while still creating pottery. This piece is signed with the latter so we can narrow the time of creation to his later years. This work is large and relatively heavy. A monumental piece worthy of any venue.

To show respect and to mourn his sensei he quit potting for 1 year after his passing. Since then he has been repeatedly exhibited at the Nihon Mingei Exhibition, Nihon Togeiten National Ceramics Exhibition and the National Traditional Crafts Exhibition.

Signed on the bottom, condition is excellent without chips or cracks. Comes with the original paulownia tomobako with stamp of authenticity and calligraphy on the inside of the lid plus a dedicated tomonuno or tea cloth.

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