Sakujuro Ozeki Inuyama Chawan

Potter: Ozeki Sakujuro

Approximate size: W4.1″ by H2.7″ or 10.4 by 6.9 cm

Located in Inuyama, Aichi prefecture still exists the Toen workshop owned by Sakujuro Ozeki. The Ozeki family is one that has been producing Inuyama ware for over 300 years now! Inuyama ware can come in many different types. Red and green coloured ware is a popular mark with flower and nature motifs.

Listed is a chawan by Sakujuro Ozeki in blue bearing his stamp, there is also a separate signature from the painter of this particular chawan, however just who the painter is will require further research. Created to imitate the feeling and atmosphere of times past. Especially the slight kutsu (manipulated by hands), shape reminds one of the Edo period and simpler times.

Ozeki Sakujuro’s China workshop keeps the traditional style of Inuyama porcelain, which has been inherited for 300 years. Hand made, hand painted, traditional and the endless pursuit of better quality – these are the characteristics of this workshop.

The following is a translation of the inside of the lid.

Tsuyu oki soeru (sofuru).
This might be a reference to the Tale of Genji
Kouzaki sensei no ga.
A drawing by Kouzaki (not much confidence in the reading of the name, but this line mentions the name of the painter, or from which artist it was inspired by
Inuyama Chawan
Dated – September 25th, Showa 26 (1951)
A temple located in the city of Inuyama … illegible.
Mt. Fuji at twilight … illegible.

The tea bowl has no chips or cracks and is in excellent condition. Comes with a quality old shifuku (cloth pouch), and high quality paulownia tomobako, storage box with calligraphy on the inside of the lid. The box has a few spots with some discolouration.

€160 + shipping cost

The calligraphy on the front of the box is translated as follows
kikusa (autumn grasses)