Masahiro Kisada Kyo Tenmoku Guinomi

Potter: Masahiro Kisada

Approximate size: W2.4″ by H2.2″ or 6.0 by 5.6cm

This is a guinomi or sake cup by Masahiro Kisada (19436), who is a potter from Kyoto and a specialist of the shinsha glaze. This guinomi has a crystalized tenmoku glaze which is quite unique. Masahiro Kisada was recognized by the government as a Japanese Traditional Craftsman.

Formed by wheel throwing, from white porcelain, the body shows a unique colour glaze. The koudai or foot is signed with Masahiro’s scratch signature, which though smaller is nearly identical and guaranteed to come from the same hand as the Shinsa glazed chawan listed earlier.

Masahiro Kisada (1936-) studied under Miyashita Zenju before going solo. He was selected for the Japan Fine Arts Exhibition, Japan New Craft Art Exhibition, Modern Craft Art Exhibition, Modern Craft Art Kansai Exhibition, Kyoto Craft Art Exhibition, Kyoten Exhibition and other exhibitions. and won awards. He is also a longtime member of the Japan New Craft Art Kinki Association and Kyoto Prefecture’s Arts & Crafts Association. Works focus on Shinsha-yu glaze and colour changes in the kiln.

This guinomi has no chips or cracks and is in excellent condition and comes with the original quality paulownia tomobako, storage box of which the lid is signed and stamped.


Thank you very much!