Tsuyoshi Uenaka Tamba Chawan

Potter: Tsuyoshi Uenaka, 11th generation, Inauemon family

Approximate size: W2.4″ by H2.2″ or 6.0 by 5.6cm

This is an exemplary Tamba chawan by the famed potter Tsuyoshi Uenaka, who was born into the Inauemon family in 1982. This particular family is one of the oldest in the history of Tamba yaki! Here a circular shape, wheel-thrown from fine clay is covered with an ash glaze overlapped by a beautiful blue glaze of a particularly nice hue. The ash particles turned to a darker shade of blue where they were covered by the blue glaze. A rare modernist work that is a pleasure to hold and is fairly easy use as the large mouth of the bowl provides space to comfortably whisk matcha with a chasen (a tea whisk formed out of bamboo).

Tsuyoshi Uenaka studied pottery at the Ceramic Art Institute in Kyoto and upon completion apprenticed himself to his father. This potter is well accomplished in Chado or the Tea ceremony and calligraphy as well. These skill-sets overlap and influence one another in a manner that enhances his work as a potter. Tamba potters take great pride in their pottery’s reputation for combining functionality and beauty.

The Inauemon pottery’s history stretches back for more than 280 years and Tsuyoshi is the 11th consecutive generation in this lineage! He endeavors to combine functionality and aesthetic beauty in his work while linking the traditions of his craft to modern forms. In making his pots he still employs the traditional techniques and the simple tools of his ancestors.

1982 Born in Hyogo, Japan
2003 Graduated from Kyoto Prefecture’s pottery vocational school
2004 studied in Kyoto City Industrial experimental station
apprenticed to his father who was the Inauemon family’s 10th successor
2012 Le Jardin d’Acclimation Art Fair, France
2013 Exposition TAMBA Gallery Yakimono, France
2016 Jingdezhen and Japanese pottery, Competitive Performance of Flame and Brush at the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art
2017 Solo exhibition Tobu Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Tsuyoshi is continually exhibiting his work in galleries and department stores all over Japan. He has regular exhibits in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe and has also held exhibitions in Paris. A few years ago Tsuyoshi Uenaka had his first exhibition in the United States.

This chawan is signed at the bottom, has no chips or cracks and is in mint condition. Does not come with a box.


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