Happy New Year!

The Senryo (センリョウ – 千両), Sarcandra glabra is a plant with decorative red berries that holds an auspicious meaning for the Japanese as a lucky plant for New Year. The berries are ‘senryo’ or lucky plants and have been traditionally important items for the Japanese people to celebrate the New Year’s Day.

With a new year comes the notion of starting over, being given a new chance. I hope you — with me; accept with both hands to change (bad), habits or to start new ones. The anticipation of change, the desire to live more fully and the feelings of starting anew.

From myself and my family I hope you together with your family and friends stay healthy during the new year. May 2023 be a fulfilling one for you and may it bring you closer to your goals!

Happy new year!


Many though there be,
Who with words or even hands
Know the Way of Tea.
Few there are or none at all,
Who can serve it from the heart.

Sen no Rikyu / 千利休

Another plant that features red berries as seen above is the nandina (Nandina domestica), meaning heavenly or sacred bamboo. The name nandina is a latinisation of the Japanese ‘nanten’ (南天). The nandina is used as New Year decoration, partially because of it the leaves and berries, and partially because the name nanten sounds similar to the expression “nan o tenzuru” meaning ‘to’ – “turn bad luck around”.