Takashi Mashita Hagi Mizusashi

Potter: Mashita Takashi

Approximate size: W7.7″ by L6.5″ H5.7″ or 19.6 by 16.5 by 14.5cm

Here’s a mizusashi or fresh water pot used in the tea ceremony made by Mashita Takashi in one of his signature glazes. He is a potter who works freely in the world of Hagi ware yet incorporates his own artistic vision on his work. The amount of detail in the glaze of this pot and the lid, pooling in the deepest cracks and crevices is a pleasure for the eyes and the careful explorer will be rewarded by the differences in texture. You will be delighted by this exquisite object.

The origins of Hagi ware can be traced back to the arrival of Korean potters to Hagi, a quaint town situated in Yamaguchi Prefecture on the Japan Sea, following Japan’s military invasion of the Korean peninsula in the late 16th century. As a result, a large number of Korean craftsmen were abducted and transported to Japan, where they played a crucial role in establishing new pottery types such as Satsuma, Arita, and Hagi ware.

Takashi Mashita studied in Hagi, Yamaguchi prefecture and aspired to be a potter from the age of 22. After five years of training in Hiragaki in the city of Hagi he moved to Suita City, went independent and started creating his own pottery and then opened a small shop.

The mizusashi has no chips or cracks and is in mint condition. Comes with the original high quality shiho-san paulownia tomobako or storage box that has calligraphy and stamp of authenticity plus a dedicated tomonuno or tea cloth. An impressive Hagi piece, complete with accessories.


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