Yamane Seigan – Selection Of Hagi Chawan

Potter: Seigan Yamane

Approximate size: please inquire for measurements and additional photos.

Available for purchase is a selection of 8 tea bowls made by the well known Hagi potter Yamane Seigan. This potter prides himself in working hard and tries to continually keep innovating his work.

Apart from the diverse modelling apparent on these objects, they provide only a small part of the incredible range of glazes by this artist. His traditional Sansei, or 3 colors, rarer teals on to more recent work in other glaze combinations.

The ‘seven transformations’ of Hagi-yaki ware that appear through use.

The word nanabake (seven transformations) is used for Hagi-yaki ware. This word refers to the change in color as the tea seeps through the cracks in the glazing formed by the rough earth that was used to create Hagi-yaki ware, permeating the bowl and changing its color. Such change in color over time is highly prized by tea ceremony masters. The beauty of change and the beauty of minimal adornment – this world view of Hagi-yaki ware embodies the aesthetic values held by the Japanese.

Some chawan have marks from firing but all are in excellent condition. No chips or cracks. Also come with a pamphlet with information about Yamane Seigan. Please try matcha with one of these chawan.

#1 & 3 through 8 – €100+ shipping

#2 wari-koudai sansai chawan €150+ shipping

please inquire for additional photo’s and dimensions