Masahiro Kisada Kyo Shinsa Chawan

Potter: Kisada Masahiro

Approximate size: W4.7″ by H3.1″ or 12.2 by 11.9 by 7.9cm

This porcelain tea bowl was created by the famous artist Masahiro Kisada (1936-), who’s based in Kyoto and a specialist of the shinsha glaze. He studied with Miyashita Zenju before going independent. He’s a long-standing member of the Japan New Craft Art Kinki and Kyoto Prefecture’s Craft Art Association. His main focus is the shinsha glaze accompanied by the colour changes or ‘yohen’ effects that take place during firing.

Formed by wheel throwing, from white porcelain, the body shows a great contrast with the thick vivid red copper glaze. The koudai or foot of the bowl is signed by Masahiro’s scratch signature. This elegant porcelain chawan would make a chic gift or a great addition to anyone’s collection.

Copper red oxblood glazes are some of the most unique, intriguing and elusive of all high fire glazes, which is why they are praised and highly sought after by museums and collectors. They are reported to have been discovered in China in the 15th century (ruby glass dates as early as 1500 BC). Oxblood’s can be translucent or opaque and vary from rich deep reds, maroons, purples and red fading into clear which, on porcelain becomes white. As seen in this example.

The creation process of copper red oxblood glaze, or rather its secret lies in oxidation firing. Copper with oxygen becomes green and when the oxygen is taken away and cooled properly – it becomes red. It has long been known that you can reduce an electric kiln by inserting material that will burn to create carbon monoxide – freeing up carbon (but the carbon particles shorten the life of the elements drastically).

The red oxblood glaze and accompanying cinnabar colour is notoriously difficult to use and is known to cause breakage and imperfections and at times is cause for half the works from a single firing to be disregarded. It is said that mastering this type of glaze is a lifelong quest, one that Masahiro is well on his way on to reaching the end. Masahiro Kisada has been recognized by the government as a traditional craftsman.

The chawan has no chips or cracks and is in excellent condition. Comes with the original high quality paulownia wooden box and dedicated tomonuno (tea-cloth). This is a high class chawan with a glaze that is very hard to master. A perfect example of the copper red oxblood glaze.


Thank you very much!

During his career Masahiro Kisada has been selected at the Japan Fine Arts Exhibition, Japan New Craft Art Exhibition, Modern Craft Art Exhibition, Modern Craft Art Kansai Exhibition, Kyoto Craft Art Exhibition, Kyoten Exhibition amongst others and has been the recipient of numerous prizes at these venues.