Toshiro Ohi Yukinokesshō Yunomi

Potter: Ohi Toshiro, 10th successor of the Ohi style

Approximate size: W2.6″ by H3.7″ or 6.7 by 9.3cm

A unique yunomi (tea cup), made by Ohi Toshiro (1927-), a tenth(!) generation potter from the prestigious Chozaemon family, which has been associated with the world of the Japanese tea ceremony since the 17th century. By using special picks and tools, the Ohi master chips away moist clay until bowls or cups has taken form. The glazes are magnificent earth tones, and Black glazing is often applied as with Raku but the trademark, amber glaze is the epitome of the style.

Toshiro was born in 1927, the first son of Ohi Chozaemon IX. He graduated the Tokyo University of Arts in 1949 and then returned for a short time to the family kiln. He has since been professor at a number of prestigious Japanese institutions. He has been a consistent exhibitor with the Nitten National Exhibition, and served as both judge and director there, as well as acting as judge for the Asahi Ceramics Exhibition.

The Chozaemon lineage started with Hodoan (1631-1712), apprentice to the fourth heir of the Raku family of potters. In 1666, he accompanied Senso Shoshitsu (1622-1697), the fourth heir of the Urasenke school of Japanese tea ceremony, to the city of Kanazawa, the capital of the Maeda clan’s province, Kaga (current Ishikawa prefecture). In the village of Ohi, the first Chozaemon established a kiln which still produces superior tea ceremony wares and since the Meiji Restoration, ceramics for everyday living, too.  

He was awarded the Japan Ceramics Society award in 1957. He was also granted the Art Academy Award of Japan, perhaps one of the most prestigious of all honors in this country in 1985. He has been actively exhibiting abroad since 1949, including North America, The former Soviet Union, most of Europe as well as in the Middle East. In 1983 a tea bowl made by Toshiro was given as a gift to the Emperor and it, as well as several subsequent pieces, are in the permanent collection of the Imperial Household Agency). He accepted the name of Ohi Chozaemon X in 1987.

The exterior is coated with the Ohi characterizing amber glaze called Ame-yu and interior done in white with a large pattern craze on the surface. The outside is decorated with incised Yukinokesshō or stylized snow crystals.

This exquisite yunomi is in excellent condition. It bears the seal of its maker at the foot, comes with a pamphlet about the potter and will be shipped in a paulownia tomobako with calligraphy.

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