Kei Tanimoto Iga Guinomi Set

Potter: Tanimoto Kei

Approximate size: W2.6″ by H2.0″ or 6.6 by 5.2cm

This is a set of 5 guinomi or saké cups by Kei Tanimoto. Kei Tanimoto like his father is one of the big names of contemporary Iga ware. These guinomi are robust in form and have been boldly carved. Each have area’s blasted with ash, coating it in a rich green ash glaze against high fired hi-iro colours displaying the clay (this appreciation of the clay is known as tsuchi-aji). Kei Tanimoto and his father works are illustrated in numerous catalogues and books as well as being collected in a number of private and public collections.

In 1948 He was born as an elder son of late Mr. Kousei (Mitsuo), Tanimoto who was famous from his study of wood-fired ancient Iga ceramics. Kei Tanimoto learned European art from 1973 to 1975. He worked and studied at Mr.William Hayter’s atelier in Paris. In 1977 he returned to Japan and began making pottery with his father in Iga.

Iga ware is traditionally produced in Iga, Mie (formerly called Iga), province. Iga ware’s origins are believed to date to the second half of the 7th century and 8th century CE. The area has long produced a clay known for its high resistance to fire. In the early phase it did not differ from nearby Shigaraki ware. Iga ware uses local clay which is extremely resistant to heat, reacts well to repeated firing, and is fired over three days in a kiln dug into the ground. The clay tends to have a high level of hardness and is created on a pottery wheel. The potter delicately uses a spatula to give curvature. This distinctive curve lets the flames lick over the round edge. Furthermore, tiny pebbles in the clay give it additional surface texture.

Tanimoto Kei was born the son of Iga artist Tanimoto Kosei in 1948. In 1970 he apprenticed under Hineno Tatsuzo in Mino, and in his youth he experimented widely in many mediums, design, and even spent a few years in Paris learning the art of etching. He returned to Japan in 1977 to devote himself to the plastic arts.

This set is complete and in excellent condition. Come in the original quality paulownia wooden storage box of which the lid is boldly signed by Kei.


Thank you very much!