Noutomi Choun Hagi Turban Shell Futaoki

Potter: Choun Noutomi

Approximate size: W 2.8″ by H 1.6″ or 7.0 by 4.0 cm

This is a futaoki or lid-rest for use during Chanoyu made by famous potter and kiln owner Noutomi (Notomi), Choun. The futaoki is shaped like a Turban-shell and glazed in his original blue glaze. Noutomi Susumu is the current owner of the Choun kiln. He exhibits frequently and has won numerous awards and prizes. He also holds the title Intangible Cultural Asset of Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Futaoki are an integral item as this is where the lid of a chagama, tea-kettle is placed during some of the steps of all types of formal Chanoyu.

Susumu has created the Hagi blue, a wonderful glaze that this shell futaoki seems to be wearing like a light robe of silk. The sensuality of its touch contrasts with the angular shape of the turban-shell, which is accentuated by the cyan highlights to create a ceramic gem.

Hagi potter Noutomi Choun (1921-1995), started studying pottery in 1951 and founded a kiln called O-kazan-choun-gama in 1967. The kiln is now headed by one of his sons who inherited his father’s name

Noutomi Susumu is a recognized potter who frequently exposes at the prestigious Mitsukoshi department store in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. He became member of the illustrious Japanese Traditional Art Crafts Association in 1991.

The futaoki, stamped by the potter has no chips or cracks and is in mint condition. Comes with the original quality paulownia wooden box with kiln stamp and calligraphy on the lid.


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Nowadays his daughter Noutomi Naoki is creating art and tea objects as well at the kiln. She is skilled at impressing her own personality on the Hagi-yaki items, scoring deep lines and engraving strong designs which capture her bold, young spirit.