A New Year

With a new year comes the notion of starting over, being given a new chance. I hope you with me; accept with both hands to change (bad), habits or to start new ones. The anticipation of change, the desire to live more fully and the feelings of starting anew.

Looking back on the last year I feel, having received requests and inquiries from all over the place, that I have been able to accomplish some of my ambitions regarding this site and my collection.

I feel honored and proud to have been able to sent numerous items to new homes where they will be handled with the greatest care by their new owners. To all of you I am thankful for your trust in me and I’m ecstatic to have been able to accomplish this through this humble website.

From myself and my family I hope you together with your family and friends stay healthy during the new year. May the next year be a fulfilling one for you and may it bring you closer to your goals!

Happy new year!


When you hear the splash
Of the water drops that fall
Into the stone bowl
You will feel that all the dust
Of your mind is washed away.

Sen no Rikyu / 千利休