Kawasaki Yokichi Pair Of Celadon Yunomi

Potter: Kawasaki Yokichi (1948-)

Approximate size: W3.2″ by 3.1″ by H3.5″ or 8.1 by 7.9 by 9.1 cm

This is a set of 2 yunomi or tea cups coated with a fine celadon glaze by Kyoto potter Kawasaki Yokichi (1948-). He is an experienced potter and here the glaze is of a excellent shade with its characteristic crazing. This particular potter is famous for his ice-cracked celadon works. When viewing celadon pottery it is key to look at the area’s where the glaze runs thinnest as this is where you will see the most defects, in this case the rim. Due to the difficulties celadon production it has since its earliest appearance a highly valued type of ceramic. The ware was immensely popular because of its beauty; the Chinese also valued it because it resembled jade.

Adding to its popularity was a widely believed superstition suggesting that a celadon dish would break or change colour if poisoned food were put into it.

Both cups are in excellent condition, no chips or cracks. Come with the original quality paulownia tomobako, storage box of which the lid is signed and stamped. This type of design used in the tomobako is quite old and generally not used anymore these days.


Thank you very much!